Naumburg Mennonite Church

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Need Substitute Teacher for Co-ed Young Adult Class (college/career) next week and the rest of the year. I'm hoping to get a volunteer thanks in advance.

Graig Moser

Our family is asking for prayer for Edna Robbins. She had a birthday last week and even though it would be late, I know she would enjoy the cards. Also this week on the 17th a year ago she lost her husband. She is also fighting cancer; she started having chemo and now she is doing radiation and once this is done she will be doing chemo again. She has been getting pretty sick with the radiation and is still driving herself back and forth to treatments which is an hour away. She really isn't able to work with how she feels, she does a little though. So if you feel led to send her a card of encouragement or whatever, I know she would appreciate it, but most of all please hold her up in prayer!

Ellen Widrick Roggie

Agape Shoppe - Shelves overflowing with Plants - We have all kinds of chocolate, Easter decorations and crosses and one last SAVE AROUND coupon book. Hope to see you soon!