Naumburg Mennonite Church

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This Week

Prayer Time

Where: Church Fellowship Hall
When: Sunday; 9:00 a.m.

Ladies Prayer Group

Where: Church Conference Room (old Library)
When: Monday; 1:00 p.m.
Info: All ladies are invited to come and join in praying.

Card Shower for Doris Lehman

Where: 6717 Hummingbird Lane, Lowville, NY 13367
When: Tuesday, March 20
Info: She is turning 92.

AWANA and Mid-Week Meetings

Where: Naumburg Mennonite Church
When: Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.
Info: Store for all ages. Your Story - TBA. III John 3 - Titus Haldeman. Youth Cottage Meetings at Church at 7:00 pm.

Youth - Box Social

Where: Al & Gloria Roggie's
When: Friday, March 23rd @ 7:30 pm
Info: Girls bring boxed lunch to feed 2 or 3 people, to be auctioned off. Guys bring money to purchase boxes. Proceeds raised will go towards our Misssion Trip. Devotions - Dawson Moser; Music - Angela Metzler

Crochet Class

When: Saturday, March 24th @ noon
Info: Bring your rugs, hats or other projects you need help working on and dish to pass. Questions Carrie, Odell or Alayna. Anyone is welcome.

Craig & Pam Brower Marriage Seminar

Where: Beaver Camp
When: Saturday, March 24th - Sunday, March 25
Info: Info - Beaver Camp website or call (315) 376-2640

Easter Chorus Practice

Where: Naumburg Mennonite Church
When: Saturday; 7:00 p.m.


Widows & Singles

Where: Naumburg
When: Tuesday, March 27th; 10:30 am
Info: Bring covered dish or dessert and table service for noon meal.


Where: Naumburg
When: Good Friday, March 30th; 7:30 pm

Special 40-hour Prayer Walk

Where: First Mennonite Church of New Bremen
When: Good Friday, March 30th; 6:30 pm - Easter Morning, April 1st; 10:30 am
Info: Filling all forty hours with individuals willing to walk and pray at Church. Info - Ed Steckly @

Remembering the Cross

Where: Lowville Mennonite Church
When: Good Friday, March 30th; 1:00 - 6:00 pm
Info: Stop to pray, spend time in silence, confess and release fears or sins to God or to commemorate Good Friday in a way that is meaningful to you.

Pancake/Johnnycake Breakfast

Where: Maple Ridge - Back Middle Building
When: Saturday, March 31st; 8:00 - 11:00 am
Info: Free-Will Donation benefitting MCC Meat Canning.

Chicken BBQ for Miller's Turf Softball

Where: Monnat's Service Station, Croghan
When: Saturday, March 31st @ 10:00 am - sold out
Info: Chicken Half, Macaroni Salad, Roll, Chips, Brownie.
Chicken: $6 half; $8.50 meal. Pre-order - Travis Moser @ (315) 405-2226

Sunrise Service

Where: Naumburg Mennonite Church
When: Easter Morning, April 1st @ 7:00 am
Info: Breakfast at 8:00 am

Beryl & Cathi Roes - Bus Trips

Where: Washington, DC / Lancaster, PA
When: Monday, April 2 - Thursday, April 5 (Washington, DC); Friday, May 4 - Saturday, May 5 (Lancaster, PA)
Info: Washington, DC - $449 (PPDO); Lancaster, PA - $259 (PPDO). Have spaces available. Contact info: or phone/text 486-0594

MCC Meat Canning Operation

Where: Maple Ridge Center
When: Thursday, April 12 - Friday, April 13th
Info: Provides canned meat throughout the world for persons in need. A funding goal of $35,000 has been started to buy meat and supplies, pay for the meat canning truck costs, and make required adjustments to the building at Maple Ridge. Contributions may be designated to "MCC Meat Canner", checks written to the Maple Ridge Center, 7421 East Road, Lowville NY 13367. $15,000 has already been raised!

Quilt Tying

Where: Maple Ridge Center
When: Friday, April 13th - Saturday, April 14th
Info: Quilt sizes should be 60 x 80 approximately. Monetary gifts will be needed for fabric for backs, batting and other supplies; the following people can be contacted:
Eunice Gingerich - 315-3763850
Joyce Moser - 315-376-8548
Marilyn Lyndaker - 315-346-6653
Ann Martin - 315-376-6197

Jr. Youth Lock In

Where: Naumburg Mennonite Church
When: Friday, April 13th - Saturday, April 14th
Info: Details to follow.