Naumburg Mennonite Church

Prayer requests are taken from the facebook page and the bulletin. If for any reason you wish for a prayer request to not be submitted to the website, or if you are not comfortable with having the details of the request posted online and wish for only the name to be put on the website, please say so in the request.

Weekly Prayer Calendar

Monday – Wednesday: Devin & Ashley Widrick
Thursday – Saturday: Drew & Kiana Widrick


Mary Allen, Kyle Blick, Florence Jantzi, Adalene Lehman, Derek Miller, Kim Moser, Lyndon Moser, Cassia Olmstead, Lisa Passero, Christopher Roes, Melanie Roes, Phil Salerno, Charlene Widrick, Ellie Widrick, Jonas Zehr

Nursing Home/Shut-Ins

Edwina Boshart, Charlotte Noftsier, Alfreda Roggie, Ada Zehr

Special Requests

Hope Finney (Gator Camp), Dale Kennell (Africa), Isaac Zehr (Africa)